UAW Statement on Court Filing of Former UAW Member Gary Jones

“All UAW members including the UAW leadership are and should be angry about the charges of former UAW member Gary Jones and his alleged actions. This is a violation of trust, a violation of the sacred management of union dues, and goes against everything we believe in as a Union. Jones and all who betrayed the trust of our union should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, with no exceptions.  The UAW - under the leadership of President Gamble and the entire IEB - moved last November to remove Jones from office and force his expulsion from the UAW.  Action has been taken against other former UAW staff and officials who have violated Union policies or laws.

As we continue to move forward under the leadership of President Rory Gamble and the IEB, we are continuing to implement the critical reforms necessary to ensure our union is free from the type of corrosive corruption we have witnessed from those who betrayed our trust.

The Detroit News continues to report unsubstantiated innuendo -- purportedly based on unnamed, unidentified, and anonymous “sources.” The federal government has never said or even suggested that President Gamble is a target of its investigation. To be clear:  No one referred to in the Gary Jones charges, whether by name or by alias, is a current UAW official, Board member, or employee.

In an apparent effort to settle old scores, the Detroit News has again engaged in a pattern of intentionally trying to harm the UAW and its members by publishing what is often wildly inaccurate stories and salacious innuendo, facts be damned.  Routinely, the paper fails to include the full quotes from the UAW in response to their inquiries, thereby making the cherry-picked quotes they do include misleading and incomplete.  This is unbecoming a legitimate newspaper, and demonstrates the Detroit News’ true agenda.”