Statement by UAW Vice President Terry Dittes Director of the UAW GM Department on a positive ID of Coronavirus at Warren Technical Center

“Our thoughts are with our member and their family, coworkers and friends at GM’s Warren Technical Center, who rightfully are worried about their loved one’s health and their exposure to Coronavirus. It is important that our members are quarantined in accordance with U.S. Government Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The UAW is working with GM to inform any members who should be in quarantine.

Since mid-February, the UAW has been actively monitoring and reacting to issues related to the spread of Coronavirus. We are working with GM on the precautions and measures necessary to protect our UAW GM members and everyone who works in our facilities.

The UAW feels strongly that no member should be disadvantaged in response to doing the right thing regarding the Coronavirus exposure. Our first priority is to ensure the health and welfare of our members. That includes instances of quarantine which are in the best interest of our members, the public and the company operation.

As a reminder to help do our part in this pandemic, we encourage all UAW members and others to wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer frequently, avoid touching the face and avoid contact with others within 2 to 3 feet, if possible. Anyone experiencing symptoms of a high fever, dry cough or illness, should take precaution.

We are in this together in Solidarity.”

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