COVID19 Update - 3/26/2020

DETROIT -- The legislation unanimously passed in the Senate last night takes important steps for the Nation as we battle the public health and economic crisis stemming from this tragic pandemic.

One of the main things that concerns UAW members is the package fails to provide front line workers with the health and safety protections necessary to keep them from contracting Covid-19. It includes no enforceable workplace standards and does not provide enough resources to frontline workers who are the first line of defense.

Every day this week, the UAW has had to report to members on the deaths of a colleague and friend, and the impact of the illness in all our sectors that have had positive test results.

We are thankful that this stimulus package can help workers, our workplaces, and economy during this crisis. And Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi helped improve this package significantly so that it reaches directly into the hands of those desperately in need of assistance. For these reasons, we urge that this Bill be passed by the House and signed into law quickly.

But we must measure our concern for the economy with the health, safety and well-being of our members, their families and the community. To speed up a return to the workplace too soon without relying on scientific data, CDC guidelines and adequate protections could spike the curve of those infected. Haste in this instance can lead to greater infection, more deaths and a disastrous impact on our economy over the long haul.

We ask the Administration and Congress to enact workplace protections. And we ask all those making policy decisions and in corporate boardrooms to be guided by one simple question: “Would you send your family, your son or daughter, into the workplace and be 100% certain they will be safe?”