UAW Strike Update from UAW Vice President Terry Dittes

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters:

A short time ago, today, Friday, October 11, 2019, we counterproposed to the Company's last offer which included all of your outstanding proposals that are all at the main table and unsettled.

With this latest comprehensive proposal, if GM accepts and agrees to this group of proposals, we will have a Tentative Agreement.

A Tentative Agreement will also include a review and approval of all language issues as well as the economic terms approved by your elected Bargaining Committee.

We will continue to work, again, over this weekend to reach a Tentative Agreement on your behalf.

Brothers and Sisters, your support and perseverance has provided this entire bargaining team the energy to keep pushing and fighting for you, your families, your communities and all the working men and women in this country.

As always,

Terry Dittes

Vice President and Director

UAW General Motors Department