Since the beginning of this negotiation, GM has not taken the issue of our more than 48,000 members seriously. In fact, at every step of the way, GM has attempted to undermine the ongoing, good-faith efforts the UAW has made to end this strike.

The company’s strategy from day one has been to play games at the expense of the workers. It has released half-truths, ripped away health care in the middle of the night and it reverted to previously weak and unacceptable proposals in response to the UAW’s comprehensive solutions.

Our members are ready to get back to work, but GM is purposefully stalling the process to starve UAW-GM workers off the picket lines to protect millions of dollars of corporate bonuses.

These delaying tactics have human costs. Families are suffering, from Detroit to Texas to New York. This strike has been and continues to be about securing the American workers’ future.

The UAW continues to stay at the table night and day to get a good deal for our workers and to end this strike. We demand fair, middle class wages, quality benefits, a better pathway for temporary workers and job security.

Our workers are behind us in this fight for a strong deal:

  • Brian Kennedy – Aurora, CO: “We’re all out here doing our duty,” says Brian Kennedy, a spokesman for UAW Local 431. “We’re in support of our leadership; we know that they’re going to do the right thing. GM upper management is doing more damage to their public perception than they would really want.” … “The better unions do, the better everybody does. The rising tide lifts all boats.”
  • Ben Wells – Lake Orion, MI: “When I started, I made fourteen dollars and twelve cents an hour,” said Ben Wells. “I worked directly across the line from a woman who made twenty-eight dollars. We did the exact same job—and she had a full pension.”
  • Teddy Maldonado – Buffalo, NY: “I’m thankful during this time that I can depend on my UAW brothers and sisters. When GM cut our health care coverage, the UAW stepped up to provide medical assistance. That’s what it means to have our back. If you know a UAW worker or their family, it’s time to support one another. Whether they are your neighbor, your friend or your family member, now is the time to stand together and support them as they fight for their fair share.”

It was our members and the American taxpayer who made their own sacrifices to protect this company in its darkest days. It’s time GM stops playing games and starts believing in and investing in the future of our members.