Day Six of the UAW-GM Strike: All for One and One for All

Across the country, UAW members, families and communities are proving the motto “all for one and one for all.” From Michigan to Ohio, Kansas to Kentucky—even in Wyoming people are standing side-by-side in solidarity, community organizations are donating food, diapers and necessary services, and businesses are providing strike discounts for UAW workers and their families.

Below are just a few examples of why workers are on the line, how organizations and local businesses are supporting the UAW as it fights for middle-class wages, quality health care, job security, a path for temporary workers and a fair share of the profits. This Sunday, the UAW encourages communities across the nation to participate in Solidarity Sunday, an opportunity to show or offer words of support, strength and unity.

 The Workers on the Strike Line
“I love GM,” Bond said as he picketed outside the Flint Assembly Plant truck entrance off Bristol Road and I-75. “We put our heart and souls into the work. We really put our bodies to the test. And we want GM to make it so we can have a comfortable life, so we can send our kids to college, live in a decent house and buy a dependable vehicle. I mean, we buy GM products.” - The Detroit Free Press

"Support for labor is one of the backbones of our country. This is not just what we do but who we are," said Bill Stroup, 69, of Montrose, an electrician for Aramark, which is also striking GM after a year and a half without a contract. "I've been a UAW member for 45 years. I pray for the safety of people out here and the success of an agreement." -  The Detroit Free Press

From partners and spouses joining the picket line in solidarity to couples that met at GM and are both on strike, the impact of the current strike extends to the entire family in some cases right here in Toledo. Robert and Heather Moore's love story started while they both worked at GM. Now, they're walking the picket line together. (Married couples, partners picketing together- WTOL)

Local Businesses & Community Support Across the U.S.
Kentucky: UAW enters into day four of GM strike; members work behind the scenes to make sure everyone has what they need
“With the help of the local community making donations they're able to feed everyone who needs it. "Since the strike began we have been receiving lots of donations from people in the community, from other unions, our fellow union brother and sisters here in Bowling Green. All the food that's been donated has gone into the kitchen," said Nancy Childress, Local 2164 Recording Secretary. Even UAW members from the Ford plant in Louisville are driving down to Bowling Green to help.

"They're going to cook for us on Monday. They are just going to take care of us, they have been coming down here all week and walking the lines with us. We have a lot of support from not just this community, but all of the communities. We are working together to take care of each other," said Jack Bowers, Local 2164 President.

Michigan: United Way of Michigan preparing to help workers affected by GM strike
Mike Larson of the Michigan Association of United Way says they’ve already gotten some calls for assistance. “We’re trying to connect and utilize every resource that we have, and partner, to help us support dislocated workers,” Larson says.

Michigan: Emagine offering $5 movie tickets for striking UAW GM workers  WXYZ
“The Michigan-based movie chain said all tickets will be $5, no matter the time or date, when a GM-UAW member shows his or her badge at the box office. Tickets must be purchased at the box office.”

 Kansas: Lawmakers lend support to UAW members on day 5 of strike
"We want to take your issues, we want to take your energy and take your strength back to our respective houses in Topeka and Jefferson City and do everything we can to keep you guys working, to keep you guys in our area and, to be honest, to keep General Motors in our community," Missouri State Rep. Barbara Washington said.

Wyoming: Mitten Pizza Brings Pizza to GM Employees on Strike In Wyoming
“As the UAW strike at GM enters the fifth day, 49,000 GM employees are not working, and according to WOOD-TV, only earning $250/week, which means as they fight for wage equality and better benefits, they’re also having to tighten their belts, financially. So it was really cool to see Mitten Pizza in Middleville post on their Facebook page that they were on their way to the picket lines at the Wyoming plant, to feed the workers on strike.”

Indiana: UAW Local 440 Members Counting on Community Support
Those passing the GM Powertrain today laid on their horns in sounding their support for those walking the picket line today. United Auto Workers Local 440 President Kevin Hutchinson says workers are counting on the support of the Bedford community for the duration of the walkout."

Michigan: Community supporting picketers as UAW strike finishing third day
“We're standing out here holding these signs and these cars going by everyone that honks is a supporter,” Savage said. "They’re honking and dropping off donations. A lot of the area restaurants are giving a lot of water and chips and pop and stuff,” Savage said. “The store across the street donated ice, everybody’s pitching in.”

Ohio: All-Jeep and Corvette convoy to roll in support of striking UAW workers
“Toledo Jeep bar Wheelin' on the Rocks and UAW Local 12’s Jeep Unit members are hosting an event Sunday from 1 p.m.-6 p.m. to extend support to the UAW Local 14 striking workers. Wheelin' on the Rocks is located at 1515 W. Laskey Road.”

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Presidential Candidate Visits
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, expected at Hamtramck facility in Detroit, MI
Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, expected at the Fairfax facility near Kansas City, KS

Sen. Bernie Sanders, expected at Hamtramck facility in Detroit, MI
For more information on these visits please contact the UAW