Update from UAW-GM Vice President Terry Dittes to GM Members

RE: National Strike - Day 16

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters:

Last night, Monday, September 30, 2019, GM passed a comprehensive proposal at 9:40 pm across the bargaining table.

This proposal that the Company provided to us on day 15 of the strike did not satisfy your contract demands or needs. There were many areas that came up short like health care, wages, temporary employees, skilled trades and job security to name a few.  Additionally, concessionary proposals still remain in the company's proposals as of late last night.

We have responded today with a counterproposal and are awaiting GM's next proposal to the Union. Regardless of what is publicized in print or social media, etc., there are still many important issues that remain unresolved.

Brothers and Sisters, we appreciate your sacrifice and loyal support, but as you can see from this brief report, your important issues have yet to be satisfied and settled. We remain committed, however, to exploring all options in order to reach an agreement that meets the needs of our Membership.

In solidarity,

Terry Dittes
Vice President and Director
UAW General Motors Department