UAW-Ford Negotiations Update #3

Greetings Union Brothers and Sisters:

We have made significant progress in this set of negotiations since I last updated you on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. At this time, we now have 18 out of 20 subcommittees that have reached tentative agreements or have negotiated to the point that only patterned or large economic items remain open for discussion.

We will continue to meet diligently on all outstanding subcommittee issues. Please understand that negotiations are very fluid and is constantly in a state of flux. Therefore, we are unable during the negotiation process to disclose items being negotiated in detail. What I can report for now is that UAW-Ford negotiations are progressing very well.

By utilizing the core UAW principal of Pattern Bargaining, our members have the best chance to procure strong collective bargaining agreements for all three companies. However, on occasion Pattern Bargaining will delay the non-target companies bargaining timeline.

While the UAW-GM bargaining team continue to set the pattern by negotiating first, we remain ready and able to complete our negotiations when called upon. We are currently developing a plan to deliver a transparent and factual tentative agreement roll out so all members can make an important and much valued ratification decision. Thank you for continuing your support for our brothers and sisters at GM. The efforts of our UAW- Ford Locals and UAW Regions in regard to the strike has been outstanding. Please continue this invaluable show of solidarity.

In Solidarity,

Rory L. Gamble
Vice President and Director
UAW National Ford Department